Mike Ianero

Sensei 2nd Degree Nidan MPIDAI@YAHOO.COM

Mike earned his black belt and Sensei title under Sole Petronelli and has been instructing 2 morning classes ever since. He is methodical, structured and an excellent conveyer of skill, technique and the system. Mike also has a black belt in Taekwondo and Kempo.

Darren Delaney

Grand Master & CEO, Garda, Retired RI State Police Captain- Guest Instructor

Professor Darren Delaney started his martial arts training at the age of 10 in Danvers Massachusetts. Over the years Professor Delaney has studied several different martial art systems to include Fred Villari’s self-defense and boxing.  While growing up Darren had a special interest in boxing because of his grandfather Henry J. Browne being the Middle Weight New England Boxing Champion in 1914. Keeping to his grandfather’s memory Professor Delaney trained with John Greene and Tony Pervonie and boxed completely out of the Lynn, Ma. Boys Club will still maintaining his martial arts trainings.In 1986 Professor Delaney was accepted to the Rhode Island State Police Training Academy. While in the Academy recruits endured a vigorous physical and mental training regimen which included intense full contact boxing and combat fighting.  It was during this training that Delaney saw the need for a more practical defensive tactics system that was specifically suited for police officers.   
In 1987 Professor Delaney met Soke Richard Petronelli.  Darren knew Soke was different than the other instructors he had previously trained with.  This started a twenty seven year friendship and training adventure with Soke Petronelli.     
After years of training with Soke Petronelli , in the Koba-Ryu and Vee Arnis Jitsu systems Professor Delaney earned his black belt and became Soke’s first student to reach that rank.  While training with Soke and obtaining the ranks of Go Dan 5th Dan and finally 8th Dan Darren continued to explore other fighting systems and was able to infuse the different styles in to what would later develop into the GARDA Defensive Tactics System.       
In 1992 Professor Delaney was appointed as the Rhode Island State Police lead Defensive Tactics Instructor and given task of revamping the entire defensive tactics program. During this time Darren attended several police defensive tactics training seminars and received numerous certifications.  Professor Delaney again saw a lack of consistency and practicality with the different police defensive tactics and martial arts training programs.  
 In 1999 Professor Delaney was tasked by the Colonels of the six New England State Police Agencies under the New England State Police Administrative Conference (NESPAC) to coordinate a team of defensive tactics instructors from each state police agencies and develop an effective comprehensive defensive tactics system for all six State Police Agencies.  Soke Petronelli was of great assistance and provide guidance during this process.During his 25 year career Professor Delaney has been involved in numerous uses of force situations and deadly force incidents.  Darren has received various awards and commendations including the Medal of Valor from the State Troopers Coalition National Police Foundation and the American Legion.  Professor Delaney has worked with all six New England State Police agencies and has worked with numerous police and sheriff departments, college, and private security agencies throughout the United States and abroad.  He has testified in state and federal court hearings as a certified expert regarding use of force incidents.    

 In October of 2011, Soke Petronelli reviewed Professor Delaney’s GARDA Defensive Tactics System and certified the system along with awarding Darren his 10th Degree Black Belt for developing this system and teaching police officers for over twenty years.The Garda Defensive Tactics System is a certified comprehensive defensive control program that utilizes a combination of legally-sound enforcement protection tactics and martial arts techniques. This unique program uses gross motor skills and natural reactive movement techniques that are easily taught and attained.In January of 2012, Grand Master Dr. R. D Hondolero, Sagola Filipino Fighting Arts System reviewed Professor Delaney’s system and certified it and also promoted Darren to the rank of 10th Degree Black Belt-Grand Master.         
​In 2013, Professor Delaney (far right back row in photo below) was honored to be inducted into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame along with Grand Master Dr. R. D Hondolero and his good friend and mentor Soke Richard Petronelli .

Paul Lavallee

Shihan ( 師範 ): Black Belt 4th Degree ( Yondan 四段 )      

Paul Lavallee is a fully licensed master level instructor in Te Combat Kuntao Ju Jitsu and a black belt 1st degree in Tombo Kai International. He is trained as well in Petronelli's Kali. He has also been certified as an instructor in Kali for Kids and has trained in Pekiti Tirsia Kali blade. Having first been introduced to martial arts with villari Kempo and high school wrestling, Paul took a long break from the arts for pursuit of career and family,

After retiring he returned to train under Soke Richard Petronelli in Te Combat Kuntao Ju Jitsu. Paul has received intensive training under Soke Petronelli, So Shihan Carlos DeLaCruz, Hanshi Gary DiPadua, Shihan Filiberto Rosales, Professor Manny Pinheiro, Shihan Bill Sitko, and Sensei Mike Ianero.

In addition he has trained multiple times with Grand Tuhon Leo Gaje, Tuhon Apolo Ladra, Tuhon Bobby Ladra , Grand Master R.D. Hondolero & GM Darren Delaney and has attended multiple seminars with Grand Master Lou Ferrer, Dr Robert Mckittrick, GM David Lindsay, GM Michael DiPasquale, Jr, GM Thomas Gettling and quite a few others.

Manny Pinheiro, 



"One look at Soke on the mat was all it took to witness the close quarter striking precision with the best flow in the business. "

"One look at Tuhon Petronelli on the mat was all it took to witness the close quarter striking precision with the best flow in the business."

Professor Manny Pinheiro began training in the martial arts in 1982.  His experience spans over three decades of continuous training with some of the most well respected instructors on the east coast.  Manny started training in Tae Kwon Do under Grandmaster Ernie Thivierge and then Grandmaster Gene Hong as a young teen.  A couple of years later, Manny also began Boxing / Kickboxing lessons at the Fall River YMCA which culminated into six amateur full contact kickboxing bouts.  Manny now knew the martial arts would be a part of him for life, and decided to pursue his dream, joining the United States Marine Corps in January 1988.

As a member of FAST CO, (Fleet Anti-Terrorist Security Team) Manny became Certified and well versed in USMC Close Combat, LINE SYSTEM (Linear Infighting Neural Override Engagement), CQB (Close Quarter Battle), Bayonet Training and small arms.  In 1989 Manny participated in contingency operations in the Republic of Panama.  The following year Manny was again called to duty participating in Operation Desert Shield / Desert Storm.

After the Marines, Manny began training with Shihan Manny Neves (now deceased) in the arts of Kenpo Karate, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Boxing.  The UFC craze had begun and Manny immersed himself in Kenpo and learning every facet of Brazilian jiu-jitsu to become a complete Martial Artist standing as well as ground fighting (Ne Waza).  This is where Manny got his first taste at teaching the morning session classes.

In 1995, Manny was sworn in as a Correctional Officer at the Wyatt Detention Facility.  It was here his Law Enforcement career would begin.  In 1997, Manny was then sworn in to the RI Dept. of Corrections, Maximum Security, as a Correctional Officer, where he still continues to walk the toughest beat in the state.  Manny was a member with CERT (Corrections Emergency Response Team) for eight years.  Manny is Certified in the Following:  PPCT (Pressure Point Control Tactics),  Monadnock Expandable Baton Advanced Course,  Oleoresin Capsicum Spray, Riot Control, Use of Force Continuum, Arrest and Control, and Pistol- Shotgun- Rifle.  

Manny's martial arts interests changed to more of a street self-defense / Law Enforcement orientation.  He sought out a Former Cop who would change his outlook of the arts.  Manny started training with Grandmaster Hector Rodriguez in Genbukan Ninpo Bugei and Goshin Jujitsu/Judo.  After over ten years of training, Manny obtained Full Instructor Dan Status 3rd and 4th Degree in Both Arts.

In 2006, Manny sought out Professor David James, looking for a more Reality Based Combatives Style in Vee Arnis Jitsu.  Professor James didn't disappoint.  Manny took quickly to the Professor Florendo Visitacion based system and obtained Dan Ranking.

In 2012, Manny would meet the final piece to his Martial Arts puzzle.  Tuhon Richard Petronelli, 10th Degree under Professor Florendo Visitacion in Vee Arnis Jitsu.  Tuhon Petronelli would go on and create his own art Kuntao Jujitsu.  Manny immediately recognized the transition to Kuntao Jujitsu would be a smooth one.  One look at Tuhon on the mat was all it took to witness the close quarter striking precision with the best flow in the business.  Manny's search had come full circle.  In 2013, Manny was promoted to 5th Degree (Shihan) in Kuntao Jujitsu and Sagola Filipino Martial Arts by Tuhon Richard Petronelli, Hanshi Gary DiPadua and Grandmaster R.D. Hondolero.  

Manny is also a respected Kickboxing and MMA coach and referee. He has trained professional fighters in some of the biggest venues on the east coast which include Lion Fight Muay Thai, CES MMA and Peter Rogers Karate and Kickboxing Promotions. Manny is a certified referee under the U.S. Muay Thai Association.  He has refereed hundreds of Amateur Muay Thai and American Kickboxing Bouts.  

In 2017, Manny was promoted to hachidan, 8th Degree Black Belt in Kuntao Jujitsu and the Filipino Martial Arts.  Manny was awarded the prestigious title of Professor under the tutelage of Tuhon Richard Petronelli and Hanshi Gary Di Padua for his unwavering dedication to teaching and promoting the Art of Kuntao Jujitsu for the next generation.


                                                                            Hanshi Gary Di Padua, 

                                                                                   Sōke-dai / Jū-dan / Yūdansha

                                                           範士 ゲイリー·ディ·パドヴァ 宗家代 十段 有段者 奥印 

Gary Di Padua / Hanshi / Sōke-dai / Jū-dan / Yūdansha is the Chief Instructor for Kuntao Combat Ju Jitsu System Ree System Te, (the first generation of Te Combat Kuntao Ju Jitsu (™). Hanshi Gary Di Padua’s Martial Arts journey began 47 years ago. He lived with his grandparents, who instilled in him the strong moral values by which he lives his life to this day. In 1970, his uncle, John Di Martino sent Hanshi and his cousin Gary to Donald and Arthur Rodrigues, martial artists from Warwick, RI who had just started to teach Karate. After a short period, Hanshi and his cousin left their training, but picked it up again near the end of 1973. Hanshi and his cousin again trained together, then with Nick Cerio in Coventry, RI. He earned his Shodan Yūdansha (1st Degree Black Belt) in December of 1978.

Early in the spring of 1979, Hanshi’s cousin and training partner opened up a Dojo (school) and named it Coventry Martial Arts Academy in Coventry, RI. Hanshi continued to train with his cousin and taught at the school until it closed in 1981. He moved to New York City to begin a career with the US Marshals Service.

Several months later, Hanshi began training with a co-worker, Sensei Raymond DiRaimo. Sensei Raymond DiRaimo held two Black Belts, Shodan Yūdansha in Oikiru Ryu Kenpo, and a Nidan Yūdansha in N.E. Kenpo Karate and was directly training under Soke John Rubiano in Kumiuchi Ryu Jiu-Jutsu where Hanshi had his first exposure to Kumiuchi Ryu Jiu-Jutsu.

Hanshi’s wife Lynne is also a martial artist who currently holds a Nidan 二段 (2nd degree) Yūdansha (Black Belt) in Te Combat Kuntao Ju Jitsu (™) (aka Kuntao Combat JuJitsu System Ree System Te), a Red/Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do.

During this period, Hanshi also began training with Sensei Mario Mennella, his Tae Kwon Do instructor, and with his Kenpo Jū-dan  Grand-Masters – Chuck Sullivan and Vic LeRoux, who themselves trained directly under Grand-Master Edmond Parker, the father of American Kenpo. In the early 1990’s, Hanshi began training with Tuhon (aka Soke) Richard Petronelli. At that time, Tuhon Petronelli was teaching Vee-Arnis Jitsu Vee-Jitsu Jiu Jitsu, Te Combat Kuntao Ju Jitsu (™) (aka Kuntao Combat Jujitsu System Ree System Te), and Tai Jutsu. In September 1996 received the rank of Shodan 初段 Yūdansha in Kuntao Combat Jujitsu System Ree System Te.

Hanshi’s constant training in multiple systems, combined with his total dedication to the Martial Arts, has helped him throughout his life. He strives to continue learning, improving and excelling in his martial arts skills while instructing and passing down these ancient traditions to dedicated students (Deshi / Kohai).

Hanshi’s Martial Arts accomplishments as of August 23rd, 2017 include a Chodan 초단 初段 (Black Belt) in Tae Kwon Do, Shodan  初段  Yūdansha (1st Degree Black Belt) in Tai Jutsu, Nidan 二段  (2nd degree) Yūdansha in Vee Arnis Jitsu, Kudan 九段 (9th Degree Black Belt) Yūdansha Certified Instructor in Kenpo Karate, and a Jū-dan 十段 (10th Degree Black Belt) Yūdansha in Te Combat Kuntao Ju Jitsu (Kuntao Combat Jujitsu System Ree System Te).

Hanshi is a Lifetime member of the Kokon Ryu Bu-Jutsu Renmei, Kuntao Jujitsu Federation, International Karate Referee’s Association of New England (KRANE), International Karate Connection Association, Society of Ancient Warriors, World Martial Arts Hall of Fame and a Lifetime member of the International Society of Head Founders / Head Families (ISHH) where he serves on the board as a Executive Secretary under the the direction of the immediate previous and current Executive Council Board members of Soke John Rubiano, Soke Eugene Coutu, Soke Rick Leclair, Soke Thomas Burdine, and Soke Dan Grady, and Soke Frank Vargo. Other board members of the ISHH were Soke Charles B. Stanley, Si Tai Gong Dr. Andrew P. Tamper, and Soke-dai Jim Arrasmith.  On November 3rd, 2018 meeting with Soke John Rubiano, Tuhon Richard Petronelli, Soke Eugene Coutu, Soke Rick LeClair Prof. Keith Santagata asked Hanshi Gary Di Padua to sit on the Gedatsukai Martial Arts Federation Board of Directors with Professor Nixon & Cynthia Nixon, John Bennett, David Fitzgerald, Herman Ross, Rodney Delaney, and Professor Keith Santagata.   

In March of 2000, Hanshi was inducted into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame, where he was also put in to become a Sōke-dai 宗家代 of Kuntao Combat JuJitsu System Ree System Te. In April of 2003, Tuhon (aka Soke) Richard Petronelli promoted him to the title of Shihan 師範. In May of 2006, Tuhon (aka Soke) Richard Petronelli promoted him to the title of Professor (Sei Kyōju 正教授). In October of 2013, Tuhon (aka Soke) Richard Petronelli promoted him from Saikō Shihan 最高師範  to the title of Hanshi 範士 at the rank of Kudan 九段  Yūdansha. In August 20th, 2016, Tuhon (aka Soke) Richard Petronelli promoted him to the rank of Jū-dan 十段 (10th Degree Black Belt) Yūdansha 有段者 in Te Combat Kuntao Ju Jitsu (Kuntao Combat Jujitsu System Ree System Te).

Hanshi Gary Di Padua has a challenging responsible position as a Lieutenant within the Rhode Island Sheriff Division where he utilizes his related work experience; education, specialized training, interpersonal skills, communication skills, ambition, and commitment to excellence in his 28 plus years as a Law Enforcement officer.

As a Lieutenant within the Rhode Island Sheriff Division, he coordinates and supervises Deputy Sheriff subordinate staff with the aim of securing, maintaining order, security, custody, control and safety within the Rhode Island Judicial Court System in a professional manner!

Some of Hanshi’s other professional experience include: Tactical Response Team Corporal for three years, Correctional Officer for five and half years, RI State Marshal for five years, President and Chief Executive Officer of three Corporations : GD Services, Inc. for five years, RI State Marshal’s FOP Lodge # 24, Inc. for five years, and RI State Sheriff’s FOP Lodge # 24, Inc for sixteen and a Glock Amorer for fifteen years.

Hanshi currently has three educational college degrees: Associates in Science in Correction / Law enforcement, Bachelor of Science in Management, and Associates in Science in Business. Hanshi is also a graduate of the RI Department of Correction’s Training Academy and the RI Municipal Police Training Academy.

Hanshi was also affiliated in several Law Enforcement Associations: RI Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors Association, American Society for Law Enforcement Training: Member, RI Law Enforcement Trainers Association, United States Deputy Sheriffs’ Association, RI State Marshal’s FOP Lodge # 24, Inc., the RI State Sheriff’s FOP Lodge # 24, Inc, and RI Sheriffs Lodge # 38.

Some of Hanshi’s Law Enforcement Instructor experience are: NRA Basic Firearms Instructor: Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun and Home Firearms Safety, American Heart: Health-care Provider, Heart Saver’s: AED & CPR, Family and Friends, and CPR in Schools, American Red Cross: Standard First Aid & CPR, American Red Cross: Community First Aid & Safety Instructor, American Red Cross: Professional Rescuer Instructor, NRA Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor, Division of Sheriffs Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor, National Law Enforcement Training Center: Handgun / Long Retention and Disarming System: Instructor, and a Monadnock Police Training Council, Inc.: Monadnock Expandable Baton Instructor, and a NRA Range Safety Office.

Hanshi’s Quotes:

“The most important rank / belt you could ever earn and receive is a White Belt! Without a White Belt no other ranks / belts could be earned. It is the ultimate start of your Martial Arts Journey! It is up to the student (Deshi / Kohai) follow through with their Martial Arts Journey!” 

“In your Martial Arts Journey the students whether a Mūdansha (Kyu Ranks) or the Yūdansha (Dan Ranks) must have the following traits dedicated to Tuhon Richard Petronelli at all times: Loyalty, Integrity, Tact (Respect), Dependability, Courage, Endurance, Judgment, and Brotherhood!” If not, don’t bother going on the Martial Arts Journey! Mind set is everything talent is secondary!”  

                                                                                                                                                       ゲイリー·ディ·パドヴァ 範士  宗家代 十段  有段者 奥印